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Mission and philosophy of the Center

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We are not looking for new resources. We extract them from scrap materials — injuries, conflicts, defeats, restrictions, event-based dead ends, diseases — and even out of fears, offenses, hopelessness, which are often hidden behind external success. For this, we create the practice of transforming the energy of stressful states, simulating ancient spiritual traditions.

The Altway Center for Business Counseling and Education develops and implements technologies that allow modern people to gain access to ancient knowledge and power to win battles sent by fate. To do this, you must learn to live in the ordinary business life of the principles defined by spiritual tradition. A feature of the technologies we develop is that their development requires active participation in business or social projects, including building and developing a family. The solution of business, personal and spiritual tasks is thus combined.

Our contemporary, as a rule, is brought up outside tradition, and therefore deprived of innate access to spiritual power. It would be unusual for him, for example, to think that to repent or forgive is to change some strategies of thinking, choices and actions. It is difficult for him to keep the state of creativity for a long time, because the hard rhythm of life turns out to be stronger than his will. Often he would like to more strongly influence people and events. He can follow spiritual principles mentally, or in words, or for a short time — but still most of all he needs the ability to do it for real and for all. Without this skill, he does not see his own special path, he loses his unique strength.

In secular society there is a way to look for strength, courage, health, clarity of thought and even faith. This method consists in the use of external supports and resource techniques. The best that mankind has accumulated is used: wise books, collectivity and support of the psychotherapeutic group, positive thinking, manipulation and fighting techniques, auto-training and positive affirmations, healthy lifestyle, classical music, communication with nature, friendship with animals, fragrances, minerals , laugh therapy, occupational therapy …

But judging by the fruits – all this is not very effectively increases the reserves of strength, good spirits, health, clarity of thought and faith on earth.

Everyone noticed the increasing exhaustion of resource techniques: they are addictive.

It is less and less possible to heal the spiritual wounds with the joy of life, to console oneself with the radiance of the sun and the singing of birds, or the contemplation of beautiful works of art.

The advice of sages and psychotherapists helps everyone for a shorter period.

There are fewer and fewer specialists who we have not yet addressed, books that we could hope for, philosophical systems that have not yet disappointed us in our spiritual quest.

But each of us, including these specialists, has our friends, doctors, teachers, psychotherapists and priests – more than enough negative life experiences, destructive beliefs, chronic diseases.

This means that it’s time to face your own negative experience and turn it from a source of poison into a source of resources. That is why we create models and technologies for transforming the energy of negative experience.

Since ancient times, it is known that human suffering is the most reliable and inexhaustible source of strength. From it all the great traditions of the world were fed. In the space of such traditions, there was very little malice, enmity, fear, resentment (including such widespread resentment towards fate or God), because the whole way of life was aimed at processing them into humility, courage, faith, mindfulness and love. It was easy for a person living in such a tradition to receive God’s help by meeting a singing bird or a flowering tree: there was enough love energy in his soul to recognize its manifestation in the external world and respond to it by the rapid process of healing.

The principal feature of our methods is in strict adherence to the approach to the problem of overcoming suffering, which is adopted in spiritual traditions, and not in secular society. A person living in tradition never resorts to resource techniques and does not try to “think about the good” while he is ill. On the contrary, for mental and physical health, he sets off on a humble journey — into the thickest bushes of his own fears, grievances, and illnesses, into the hiding places of negative life experience. At the same time, suffering is transformed into the power of the spirit. This is the realism of spiritual traditions: the world is mysterious and unpredictable, and, in search of pleasure, you will most likely find trouble, and patiently clearing the trouble, you will surely find joy.

The return of the idea of transforming the spiritual waste that a person usually carries in them until they strangle him is also a result of the modern ecological situation that reigns both in the external and in the internal space of a person. This is an ancient idea, but it is quite modern in an era when the unrestrained seizure of new resources devastated the Earth, and the waste of civilization covered its surface in several layers. The same is true.