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Modern meditations

At the heart of the Center’s work is a new direction in psychological and business consulting – “The Quantum Path of Knowledge”.

It contains a unique method that allows you to find solutions to problems of different levels of complexity – to overcome stress states, heal diseases, manage emotional conflicts, find optimal solutions in difficult choice situations, solve business, leadership and management tasks.

Each problem in business and personal life is considered as a sign indicating the need for specific personal changes. All changes are achieved through energy meditation practices.

In this approach, business and personal life turn into a path of self-knowledge and development.

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On the concept of “Quantum Way”

The path of each person is unique and does not fit into any philosophical or religious concept. Living each event of his life, a person unravels the great mystery of the plan of fate. In the modern world, this task is complicated by the rapid increase in the speed and scale of external changes.

It can be said that the world has entered the quantum domain of phenomena, where there is no single, forever given path. Modern man is a participant in many large-scale projects that must live simultaneously. It becomes like a quantum object, which, unlike the classical one, moves simultaneously along many trajectories, at the same time “living different fates”.

About energy practices

In spiritual traditions, it is considered that any external difficulty is a continuation of a person’s internal limitations. In its internal space there are special conditions experienced as protest, irritation, despondency, confusion, self-disbelief and other forms of impotence. These conditions reduce business efficiency and indicate an insufficient level of personal power. They are not always realized, but are part of the strategies of thinking, decision making and other forms of behavior. Subjectively, this is experienced as external “objective” difficulties.

The Center’s training offers a unique way to create the necessary personality changes. It includes three levels of energy practices: self-tracking (awareness of internal limitations), transformation (release from limitations) and not-doing (creation of new behavioral stereotypes). Regular use of these practices leads to the accumulation of personal power. Any problem becomes solvable when the necessary personal strength is achieved. (The term “accumulation of personal power” is equivalent to the concept of “personal development”).

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Such an approach means that a person assumes all responsibility for the result, not referring to external “objective” circumstances, but finding the sources of difficulties in himself. He gets the opportunity every time to change himself at a pace and scale that is needed to solve any actual problems.

Training is conducted in three stages:

  1. The training part (usually several modules with an interval of 2-3 months);
  2. Practice and individual training (conducted between modules);
  3. Training in the context of real-world tasks – personal or business projects. At this stage, the skills acquired at stages 1 and 2 are used and improved. At the beginning, work on projects is supported by the coach (or the team of trainers), whose role is gradually reduced. Training is completed when the learner acquires the ability to independently apply the acquired skills and becomes completely independent.about image 3 About

Center Services:

  • Individual and group training in energy practices
  • Training and advising owners, business leaders, entrepreneurs.
  • Assistance in the implementation of corporate projects.
  • Corporate team building trainings.
  • Business consulting.
  • Personal and family counseling.

In an expanded form, the ideas of the “Quantum Path of Knowledge” direction and descriptions of EnPRO technologies can be found in the books of M.Palchik “Quantum Model of Personality Evolution”, “Quantum Model of Creative Thinking”, “Is Reality Real?” And our articles.