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Mark Palchik
Научный руководитель Центра Altway.
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Mark Palchik

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Doctor of Psychology MAPN, full member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, founder and scientific director of the Center for Business Consulting and Education Altway, business consultant. Since 1990, conducts personal and business consulting.

Author of four monographs and more than 90 scientific articles in the field of theoretical physics and practical psychology.

The author of an independent direction in personal and business consulting is the Quantum Path of Knowledge.

Mark Palchik’s original approach emerged as a synthesis of the ideas of modern quantum physics and the results of modeling the energy practices of ancient spiritual traditions.

Some publications:

1) E. S. Fradkin, M.Ya. Palchik. Conformal  Quantum Field Theory in D-dimensions, Kluwer Academic Publishers (1996). – 461 page.

2) E.S. Fradkin and M.Ya. Palchik. New Developments in D-dimensional Conformal Quantum Field Theory, Phisics Reports, v.300, №1&2, 1998, p.1-111.

3) Quantum model of personality evolution.. Novosibirsk book publishing house. Novosibirsk, 2007. – 368 p.

Second edition: Shiko Publishing House. Moscow, 2016. – 328 p.

4) Quantum nature of creative thinking.  Publishing house “POSTUM”. Moscow, 2010. – 320 p.

 5)  Is reality real? Publisher “Chicot”. Moscow, 2014. – 408с.


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