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Modern meditations

Long-term training program “Practices of the development of inner strength” (“Business as a spiritual path”), 8 modules

The long-term program of training seminars (for top and middle managerial level, as well as for all who are interested in the successful solution of personal and business problems, their own career and effectiveness).

In the proposed trainings, energy meditation practices of self-development are presented. They are designed to solve a variety of personal and professional tasks and are highly efficient. These techniques were obtained in the process of studying spiritual traditions. In the trainings there are several dozens of integration techniques that allow solving problems of different levels.

This approach arose as a synthesis of the ideas of modern quantum physics and the results of modeling the energy practices of ancient spiritual traditions.

In this approach, any problem that a person encounters is viewed as a consequence of distortions and perception errors, and not objective features of the external world. Meditation energy practices allow you to restore a true perception of reality and see ways to solve each problem, based on the sensual (intuitive) knowledge of the plot and possible options for its development that arose during the practice.

This opens up access to solving large-scale tasks designed for a long time period, which is especially interesting in a business context.

Thus, each external difficulty helps to know oneself and expand one’s capabilities and boundaries at a pace and scale that is necessary for solving actual problems. Business and personal life turn into a path of knowledge and development.

The program consists of eight modules:

1. How to solve personal and business problems through internal change

2. Business Event Management

3. Development of stress tolerance skills (BARRELS)

4. Leadership and management

5. Energy techniques of conflict management and their solutions

6. Cash Management

7. Life as a training

8. Systems thinking

The duration of each module is 4-6 days. Desirable intervals between modules – 1-2 months. This time is intended for training in practice, as well as for mastering and developing the skills acquired during the passage of each module.