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Modern meditation technics by Mark Palchik
About method

How to get rid of illness and fatigue?

How to solve personal and family problems?

How to create a relationship?

How to understand where to move in business? How to develop it?

How to find a source of energy and strength?

How not to depend on a partner and his decisions? …


Meditation energy practices in our area provide answers to these and many other questions.

These practices are taught at our center’s trainings (Only those trainers who are presented on our website in the “Team” section can teach these practices, or advise.)


The work of the Center is based on a new direction in psychological and business consulting – “The Quantum Path of Knowledge”.


It is based on the following assumptions:

Each person has enough internal strength to solve any problem that occurs in his fate. The appearance of a problem is considered as a sign indicating the need for internal changes. These changes can be created using special meditation techniques presented in the programs of the Center.


Some publications

“Outer Territory” and “Inner Territory”

Fragments of the book “The Quantum Nature of Consciousness” (being prepared for publication)

Mark Finger Books

Is reality real?

The main fragments of the techniques described in the book are patented

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Is reality real?
Consciousness evolution levels. Three stages of evolution.
“Outer Territory” and “Inner Territory”